Geometry of 1-Dimension

In this lesson we will take a look at the 3-Dimensional world we live in. Look at the image below. You will see two points.

points A and B

A line has only one dimension --length. The line has no endpoints and extends forever in both directions. That is why when a line is drawn, we see arrows at both ends. On the other hand when we draw a line segment on a piece of paper it has endpoints.


Question 1: How many endpoints does a line segment have?


Questions 2: What is the figure below called?


The line, ray and line segment are all examples of 1-Dimensional objects since they only have length.

Review measuring length of a line segment using Jsmol



-------------->spin on -------->- spin off

1: What is the length of line segment AB in Angstroms?



2: What is the length of line segment CD in Angstroms to the nearest hudredth?

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